Research on roots and plants involves complex imaging techniques in microscopy. One of the important aspects is that roots twist and tangle in a very complex way, and it is not easy to focus on a part of the cell walls that we want to specifically monitor, track, etc. It is therefore important to find a way to simplify sample preparation and subsequent scanning. It is therefore important to find a way of simplifying sample preparation and subsequent scanning. It is therefore important to find a way to simplify sample preparation and subsequent scanning. It is therefore important to find a way to simplify sample preparation and subsequent scanning. Another factor is the rate of growth of roots or other samples, which is a major obstacle for confocal microscopes to achieve higher resolution and focus on e.g. cell division etc. This article is not about root and plant research, but is primarily focused on a product we have developed to measure. Research in this area can be easily found using keywords: “root, tip, plant roots” etc. Figure 1 shows an example of vertical scanning and arrangement of roots from microscopic scanning.
Fig. 1. – Images and examples of microscopic scanning of roots [1]

Reference: [1] O’Neill, M. (2021, January 22). A Plant’s Way to Its Favorite Food: Discover How Plants Adapt Their Root Growth to Changes of Nutrients. SciTechDaily.

Customised solutions for plant root tips
Customised solutions for plant root tips One of the possibilities for root growth is to adapt the microscope apparatus around the sample and then use the gravitational force of the growth of plants, roots etc.. This makes scanning easier, but is a very expensive solution. The second option is to slightly limit the growth field for the root to create a path for its growth and ideal physiological conditions. Our company offers a unique holder for root growth, plants adapted for standard microscopy.

Special holder for root tip growth
The holder is available in several versions for both inverted and upright microscopes. It can be conveniently clamped into standard microscope stages. Even easier is to simply place a plant in the holder, insert the root into one of the metal stages of your choice and close the holder with a cover slip. Yes, it’s that simple. If your plant needs to be watered, the water tank can be filled. Figure 2 shows the holder in the inverted microscope version.

Fig. 2. – Plant Chamber Inverted multi channel, with 0.7 mm channels.

The roots must be in gravity. Yes, it is an ideal state, but there are obstacles in nature and we work with this thesis. One direction is enough to explore the end of the root. The advantage is huge, this root can be observed even with a relatively slow microscopic system. Roots do not have room to grow. They do, there are several different adapters you can use for different types of roots. The root dries out. It does not. The root is fed from one side. Alternatively, you can use another version of the chamber with two reservoirs that are on both sides, so the root in the holder is perfectly nourished.

  1. Special holder for root growth
    Designed to meet customer requirements for root tip growth
  2. Easy tracking option
    Easy tracking of cells, with high speed cell division at the same spot, long term acquisitions.
  3. Easy scanning even on slower system
    Can be used for all microscopy systems, inverted, upright. Widefield and confocal scanning options.
  4. Price vs. performance
    Oriented for daily work, not for high price, this chamber should help to
Main Features
Here is a list of the main features of this slider:
  • Easy to use for plant research
  • Dedicated product for plant growth and observation by confocal microscopy
  • Two versions for inverted and also for upright microscopes
  • Contact us
  • If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Product details
Product No.: VIV0004
Name: Viv Steel Plant Chamber Inverted
Description: Steel Plant Chamber without steel consumables for inverted microscopes

Product No.: VIV0013
Name: Viv Steel PlantChamber Upright
Description: Steel plant chamber without steel consumables for upright microscopes

Product No.: T220007
Name: Viv Steel Set 0.3 mm (3 pcs)
Description: 0.3 mm wide steel consumables

Product No: T220008
Name: Viv Steel Set 0.5 mm (3 pcs)
Description: 0.5 mm width steel tips

Product No.: T220009
Article Name: Viv Steel Set 0.7 mm (3pcs)
Description: 0.7 mm width steel consumables

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